Regardless of where your priorities lie, there are many reasons for you to support and patronize the restaurants who have earned our designation.

Try Some of Pittsburgh’s Best Restaurants, In Any Neighborhood
Nearly 150 restaurants have earned our designation, and they are restaurants of all cuisines, in neighborhoods across the city and county. Use our Restaurant Finder to find your favorite restaurants, or to discover new restaurants.

Support Local People and the Local Economy
Supporting designated restaurants means spending your money at an establishment that has proven its commitment to the local economy and its dedication to giving fair wages and benefits to its employees. Our restaurants also focus on sourcing local.

Good for Your Health
Designated restaurants focus on offering healthy options, right-size portions, and healthy kids menu items too, so you can feel good about what you eat.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact
A focal-point of designated restaurants is to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing energy use and waste and natural resources consumption in the restaurant, in the kitchen, and in the supply chain. Eating at our designated restaurants helps you to feel confident that your meal has been prepared while minimizing its environmental impact.

Encourage More Restaurants to Be Responsible
If you make a point of patronizing restaurants who have been designated as Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants, it will help encourage more restaurants to take the necessary steps to be listed among our restaurants.