In order to join the community of Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants, a restaurant must complete an online performance assessment that evaluates how socially and environmentally responsible it is through current business practices.

This assessment consists of 149 sustainable actions from seven broad areas of focus: general, waste reduction, water conservation, energy efficiency, people, responsible sourcing, and nutrition.

Restaurants completing the assessment will earn points for each “yes” response, indicating that selected practices are in place. Each affirmative response is to be backed up with a self-declared statement of validity by the restaurant in order to demonstrate satisfaction of the action. Once the assessment is complete, a restaurant will see its overall score (from a total of 408 points) which leads to one of four levels of Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation–Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

To generate appreciation of the great things these restaurants are doing, a restaurants’ score, its “yes” responses, and its validation statements can be viewed by checking out the restaurant’s profile. View a restaurant’s profile here by selecting it from one of our listings or locating it on the map! Then stop by for a bite and celebrate all they are doing to contribute to a better, stronger Pittsburgh region.