“Where should we eat?”

It’s the question that has been bringing plans to a screeching halt for generations. Whether it’s date night, an evening out with friends, takeout after work, or just somewhere to grab a drink, it’s always a challenge. But what happens when you don’t want to eat or drink just anywhere–you want to eat someplace delicious, in a specific part of town, and that will make you feel good about what you’re doing for our community? Darn near impossible, right?

Not anymore. At Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants, we have designated more than  100 local restaurants as sustainable, based on their commitment to the environment, to the local economy, to healthy eating practices, to reducing food waste, and to increasing energy and water use efficiency.

What this means is that we have created a  database at your fingertips of restaurants that are good for you, good for the environment, and good for Pittsburgh. While these restaurants share a commitment to sustainability, they are diverse in every other sense–neighborhood, price, style of food, hours. So no matter what you’re craving, where you are, or what your budget is, a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant is ready to serve you.

But that’s not even the most exciting part. Our Restaurant Finder tool can help you find the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants near you. You can see all the restaurants on a map, sort them by neighborhood, or alphabetically, or further subdivide them based on their designation level.

No need to get hangry anymore. Try it out!

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You are where you eat.

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation gives you the power to bring your personal values to life through your dining decisions. Choose from over 100 designated restaurants.