Authentic Italian cuisine and traditional European style with a modern twist come together in one classy, unique locale in Lawrenceville. Senti has been deliciously reinventing Italian classics in a space reminiscent of a contemporary art gallery since 2015. The tasteful recipes and the vibrant artwork are only part of what sets this restaurant apart from the rest. Since Senti’s inception, co-owners Annette Ishida and Franco Braccia have intertwined their sustainable values into the core of the eatery. A Gold designation with the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program soon after its open, demonstrates Senti’s high regard for the environment, the local economy, and the community.

Co-chefs, Jon Sterrett and Antonio Garcia artfully prepare changing menus of traditional Italian fare—ranging from paninis and classic pasta dishes to expertly prepared entrees. Senti makes sure that there is something for everyone on their menu. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are always available and special care is taken to accommodate guest requests. The extensive wine selection nods to the refinement of the establishment, and a wine dispenser can even be found in the bar area, allowing guests to enjoy a varied array of exquisite Italian wines at their leisure.

As the Gold designation suggests, many sustainable actions are executed on an everyday basis at Senti. “We took great pride in customer comfort and sustainable practices in the design of our space. Our paint is all low VOC and the carpet is made from recycled materials with no off-gassing. We have adopted many energy efficient practices with our lighting and kitchen equipment. Water conservation is also very important to us – our dishwasher is designed to conserve both energy and water. We do whatever we can to reduce the waste we create. When it comes to our employees, we strive to create a comfortable, caring, familial work environment that meets everyone’s needs,” says owner Ishida. For more information about Senti’s sustainability efforts you can view their profile and read their complete designation report.

A sustainable outlook is rooted in respect for people and planet and Senti is a great example of how individual actions can contribute to positive change within the restaurant industry and help to build local economies. The restaurant can be found at 3473 Butler Street in Lawrenceville. See Senti’s website for hours of operation and happy hour details.

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