Designation Level: Gold

Della Terra Italian Bistro is a farm-to-table restaurant located in Harmony, Pennsylvania just north of Pittsburgh. The Italian translation of the restaurant’s name means “from the earth,” demonstrating a pride and commitment to making use of exclusively fresh, never-processed, never-altered ingredients of high quality. As a testament to their commitment to the quality of food and the health and sustainability of the region, Della Terra has earned a Gold designation with the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program.

“Sustainability is the way we live, and we wanted to open a restaurant that we believed in that represented our way of life,” said President and Chef Fiori Moletz. “Being in this industry, the amount of food waste you see is crazy. We set out to change that…to take care of the space we’re in and to leave it better than we found it.”

The amount of effort and care that goes into the menu and the food preparation and sourcing at Della Terra is unmistakable. The chefs at Della Terra make use of seasonal ingredients procured exclusively from local sources – which supports local farmers and takes advantage of the added benefit of nutrient-rich local soil. Chefs make pasta and dough by hand, meats are cured in house, and char-fired pizzas are cooked using a true Neapolitan-style pizza oven. The Della Terra commitment to local sourcing includes spirits from local distilleries and breweries, and locally-roasted coffee is ground fresh in house.

“We moved to Harmony not realizing the benefit—we’re next to all the farmers we were using in Pittsburgh,” said Moletz, who is also the President and Chef of the Harmony and Lawrenceville locations of Burgh’ers. “It was a win-win. And working with Paragon Foods to source local products that are delivered directly to our door made it even better.”

Along with their numerous commitments to local and hyperlocal sourcing of meat and produce, Della Terra composts all food waste and uses food scraps for chicken feed. The restaurant also practices root-to-stem and nose-to-tail cooking by using all vegetable scraps and meat trimmings for stocks, soups, and other recipes. When it comes to building community, Della Terra provides educational opportunities about food preparation and sustainability to both kids and adults, offering education classes to elementary school students, hosting pasta-making classes at local businesses, and participating with farm events in conjunction with Kretschmann Family Organic Farm. To learn more about Della Terra Italian Bistro’s sustainability efforts, you can view their profile and read their complete sustainability report.

Ready to treat yourself to a truly farm-to-table experience? Visit Della Terra Italian Bistro at 100 Perry Highway in Harmony, open Tuesday through Thursday from 4pm to 9pm and Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 10pm.

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