September 26, 2018
Rebecca Sodergren

*UPDATE: We apologize for the short notice but due to circumstances beyond our control, this tour has been cancelled. Please stay tuned for future neighborhood tasting tours!*

Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants is giving food nerds the inside scoop on three Downtown restaurants.

Doors Open Pittsburgh annually features Insider Tours two days in the fall, allowing Pittsburghers to see the inner workings of various local businesses and neighborhoods.

For a second year, Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants is offering a tour of three restaurants. Two of them — Corner Mercantile and Shab’s Grill — participated last year. The newcomer this year is Or, the Whale.

The Downtown Foodies: Sustainable Tasting Tour on Oct. 6 will allow up to 20 people to sample foods at the three restaurants, meet their owners and staff, and hear about how they incorporate sustainability into their operations.

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