Gretchen McKay

March 22, 2017

Nobody sets out to throw food away. But the sad fact is that the average family of four tosses an estimated $1,500 worth of food in the trash each year — enough to buy everyone a four-day pass to Disney or make a mortgage payment..

Studies show that 90 percent of people throw food away before it’s actually spoiled, be it uneaten leftovers or a bunch of carrots that have gone wrinkly in the crisper. All told, Americans waste 50 percent more food now than they did in the 1970s.

It doesn’t have to be so. Here are some practical tips on how to cut down on food waste:

• Get organized. Before heading to the grocery store or farmers market, plan your meals and make a shopping list. Check to see what you already have in your refrigerator and freezer, and think double duty —  leftovers from Sunday’s roasted chicken can be turned into Monday’s tacos.

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