September 26, 2019
Hal B. Klein

412 Food Rescue, the Pittsburgh-based non-profit with a mission to help alleviate hunger by rerouting food that might otherwise have been discarded, has, to date, rescued more than 6.8 million pounds of surplus food. Those comestibles typically come from grocery stores, bakeries, commercial food producers, large catering events and farms (in the form of its “Ugly CSA”). Noticeably absent from that mix, until now, are Pittsburgh restaurants.

“Often, when someone calls to donate, they ask how much is enough. This is a particular concern to restaurants because they don’t have a ton of waste. But they do often have a few servings or a pan of something leftover, and there really is a possibility to partner with us,” says Jennifer England, 412 Food Rescue’s senior program director, food recovery operations.

To that end, 412 Food Rescue is partnering with Sustainable Pittsburgh for a program called Restaurants Against Food Waste, which will run in October. “We have similar interests and goals reducing food waste and addressing the needs of our communities,” says Rebecca Bykoski, Sustainable Pittsburgh’s program manager.

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