November 12, 2019
Meg Fair

Spirit Lodge has become a hub for music and culture in the Lawrenceville neighborhood, helping to grow creative scenes and communities. In the coming years, even more things will be growing at Spirit — in this case, literal plants.

Kelsey Sheridan is the project manager for the Rooftop Garden Project at Spirit, an ambitious project that seeks to utilize Spirit’s roof as a solar energy source, bee apiary, rooftop garden and educational event space. The venue’s gardener Josh Barnes already grows fresh produce in the city-owned lot next to Spirit, but Spirit takes that gardening effort event further and provide an educational space to engage with urban gardeners and local farms.

“A thriving local community goes hand-in-hand with environmental sustainability, and it’s something that is really important to our staff and customers here at Spirit. As a venue that hosts a myriad of events and shows each week, we use a lot of energy. But, we also have a unique opportunity to make an impact on our eco-footprint,” says Sheridan.

With help from Rebecca Bykowski of Sustainable Pittsburgh, the venue has switched over to 99% LED lighting, including stage lights. The food waste is composted each week by Zero Waste Wrangler, and all the cups, straws, flatware, napkins and disposable plates at Spirit are biodegradable.

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