Lisa Wardle

June 16, 2017

The growing industry of culinary tourism has branched out to highlight sustainable food in Pittsburgh.

“We’re really rooted in the steel history,” said Cory Van Horn, “but we also have so much emphasis on sustainability and looking toward the future.”

Van Horn has worked in culinary tourism here since 2011. He launched Food Guy Adventures last year, beginning with a tour of Upper Lawrenceville eateries and next branching out into brunch in the Strip District.

“The tasting tour experience happens in a lot of cities,” he said. “What I want to do is push the boundary a bit, and rethink what a tour is.”

His new Taste of Sustainability Tour includes six to eight appetizer-size portions of seasonal food and drink pairings at three environmentally conscious establishments in the Cultural District: Nine on NineSix Penn Kitchen and the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

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