David Pirozzi

May 26, 2016

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant Program, a sustainability performance initiative providing recognition for leading restaurants in southwestern PA, has designated eight Oakland restaurants since its kickoff in September of last year. One establishment in particular already has plans on using its funds awarded through the program to make sustainable improvements. Ting Yen, owner of Sushi Fuku – a Sustainable Pittsburgh silver-level sushi restaurant located at 120 Oakland Avenue – looks forward to installing some newer, greener equipment! “I plan on using the funds to replace our 10-year-old reach-in freezer with a new Energy Star one that uses less energy,” said Ting. “We spend quite a bit on our monthly electric bills – especially in the summer, and improvements like this help.” Ting also plans on purchasing some new strip-curtains for his freezer with the funds.

Ting recommends that all restaurants should jump on board with the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program. “This program is a great learning opportunity for restaurant owners on adopting greener choices, not to mention that it helps save money!… Consumers care about sustainability now more than ever, so it’s the perfect time to make improvements,” he continued.

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