October 31, 2019
Vanessa Orr

When dining out, choosing a restaurant can come down to a number of factors from the type of food, to location, cost and style. But what if your decision was also based on how good that restaurant was for the environment, the community and the economy?

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program, introduced in 2015 by local nonprofit Sustainable Pittsburgh, is designed to let customers know if where they eat is also working to improve the planet. The program’s different designations of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum show how a restaurant ranks in the areas of energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, responsible food sourcing, people (employees and community) and nutrition. It also helps restaurants see where they stand, and gives them a guide to follow to help them improve the practices they already have in place.

“The Sustainable Pittsburgh designation is a great way for restaurants to publicly show their commitment to sustainable business practices, and also provides them with a framework for improvement,” explained Rebecca Bykoski, program manager for the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program. “It enables restaurants to set goals so that they run their establishments in the most sustainable ways. The program also helps them connect to new resources, technical assistance, and in some cases, even funding.”

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The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation gives you the power to bring your personal values to life through your dining decisions. Choose from over 100 designated restaurants.