Leah Lizarondo
July 18, 2015

According to EcoAmerica, 80% of Americans are concerned about the environment. Couple that with the fact that we spend half our food dollars eating out and there is great potential to affect change in the places we frequent at least five times a week: restaurants.

This week, Sustainable Pittsburgh just made it easier for us to support restaurants that align with our values. The nonprofit has launched the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant Program, a program that recognizes restaurants that aim for a “triple bottom line” in Southwestern PA. A triple bottom line demands focus not only on profits but also on people and the planet.

To get a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation, restaurants complete a self-assessment that evaluates multiple factors including water, waste, energy, food sourcing, people, community engagement and nutrition. Based on current practices, a restaurant earns one of five levels of recognition: Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

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The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation gives you the power to bring your personal values to life through your dining decisions. Choose from over 100 designated restaurants.