In order to further spread the word on our Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designations, we’re in the process of rolling out an exciting new advertising campaign. The campaign has two major goals: to let people know that our restaurants are restaurants for everyone–in all neighborhoods, all price ranges, all types of food, all types of atmospheres; and to help people realize that there is more to sustainability than just benefiting themselves; they can actually help our city and our region by eating at these restaurants.

The key to our restaurant designations meaning something to the people of Pittsburgh was to help make our organization more visible. We want our designation sticker in windows to show up and to catch people’s attention and affirm their choice of restaurant, just like when people see the window clings that highlight other features or benefits of restaurants and businesses, like Zagat, Yelp, Google, and LEED.

Eat Sustainably Designations

There is more to sustainability than the average Pittsburgher is aware of, and so our ad campaign is focused on getting the attention of everybody in town. When most people hear about sustainability they assume it’s purely an environmental campaign. Environmental responsibility is a big part of what we do, but there is  way more to it than that. Our definition of sustainability also includes supporting local people and the local economy, promoting healthy eating practices, reducing food waste, and increasing energy and water use efficiency.

The people featured in our ads represent the many different people in Pittsburgh who love Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants for different reasons. Rory, for example, is a 20-something who wants to eat and drink at places with exciting new recipes to try, and he also cares about good wages and benefits for the employees. Kim, on the other hand, a young mom, wants to teach her daughter Allie about healthy food options. Meanwhile, Zoe and Waymond, a retired couple, are looking to dine somewhere near the arts and culture scene where they can be confident about the restaurant’s responsible energy-use practices. Mariama, a busy medical professional, doesn’t want to have to spend time researching which takeout places share her values. And John, a local worker, just wants to eat someplace where he can know that he’s supporting the local economy (and grab a really good burger).

The beauty of Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants is that they have something for all of these characters, and all the rest of the characters out there who make Pittsburgh their home. Even though each one of these people is interested in a different element of sustainability, our restaurant certification helps them feel good about their dining options. And there are more than  100 restaurants in the region that have earned our designation, and the number is growing all the time.

Love Pittsburgh. Eat Sustainably. Join Us in spreading the word.

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