The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation recognizes restaurants who have been making the commitment to be sustainable based on their waste reduction, water conservation, energy efficiency, responsible sourcing, nutrition, and practices towards employees, consumers and community residents.

But recognition for positive steps is only the beginning of the benefits. Here are some other benefits of designation:

Help Diners Find You
In Pittsburgh, the restaurant scene is growing and changing at a rapid pace. As our food scene expands and continues to get national attention, it’s more important than ever for restaurants to make their values known to consumers. Today’s consumers care about supporting restaurants that are socially and environmentally responsible, care about their communities, and treat their employees well.  Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants sets themselves apart as businesses that care about these issues and give consumers a way to find them based on their values.

Save Money and Cut Costs
Sustainability pays. Literally. Sustainable behaviors, such as installing energy efficient appliances and lighting, conserving water, eliminating food waste, making use of reusable plates and silverware, are great for the environment and the community, but they also cut energy and supply costs dramatically for restaurants. So while Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants reduce the amount of  food waste and containers taking up space in landfills and lower their carbon footprint by using less energy, they are also saving money. It’s a double benefit.

Stay Ahead of Government Regulations
A number of the practices encouraged by Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants, such as eliminating Styrofoam and mandating composting of wastes, are already being enforced as laws in other U.S. cities. Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants are ahead of the curve in implementing these business practices, so if they become laws in Pittsburgh, they will have nothing to worry about.

Happier Employees
Your designation shows your employees that you value them. Having happier employees leads to an increase in productivity, increased morale, and ultimately lower employee turnover. All of these things lead to a stronger community within your restaurant.

Get More Publicity
We are proud of the nearly 150 restaurants that have earned their sustainable designations, and we like to help them get the attention of consumers, publications, and the local media. In addition to providing our restaurants with window decals and other swag, we promote the restaurants through advertising, through our restaurant finder and our websites, by pitching stories to publications and media outlets, by hosting events, and even by providing them with resources such as pre-written social media posts, and guidance for informing clients and potential clients about their designation.

Become a Part of the Sustainable Restaurant Community
Being a part of the sustainable restaurant community connects our designated restaurants with one another. This allows them to share advice and recommendations about how to optimize their businesses for sustainability and profitability. Restaurants have been known to swap stories about the best vendors, energy-savings best practices, and how to use their designation to spread the word about their business. Additionally, designated restaurants are provided a plethora of resources and one-on-one assistance to help them improve, cut costs, and drive new guests through their doors.