Ready to get designated now?

Follow these seven steps to earn your designation, join the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant community, and stand out as a leader.

  1. Obtain a generic password from Sustainable Pittsburgh to set up your restaurant’s account. Don’t have it yet? Send an email to or call 412-258-6647 and we’ll get it to you.
  2. Click on the “Get Designated” image, button on the homepage, or you can begin through the “Get Designated” tab.
  3. Use the generic password to initially create your restaurants account (A password unique to your restaurant will be developed during the account creation process.)
  4. Complete the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant assessment.
  5. Submit and claim your designation plate.
  6. Receive notification of final approval of designation from Sustainable Pittsburgh.
  7. Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation is officially earned. You now are part of a remarkable group of restaurants working together to build a stronger industry and southwestern PA region.