Yes. Sustainable Pittsburgh and its partners will continue to provide useful tools and develop financial incentives to support and reward qualified restaurants that engage in the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation. Sustainable Pittsburgh is also happy to provide one-on-one assistance with implementation as needed.

Yes. To help ensure a vigorous program and give proper credit where it is due, we are requiring a self-declared validation statement for each “yes” response indicated within the performance assessment. Only those statements to which a restaurant has claimed credit require a validation statement. “No” or “not applicable” responses do not need to be validated and are not made viewable to the public.

The validation statements are our way of demonstrating to the public the good things Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants are doing. To build awareness among consumers, performance assessment results indicating a restaurant’s overall score, its earned level of designation, and its “yes” responses and validation statements will all be viewable within the restaurant’s profile on this website. (Actions that are answered with a “no” or “not applicable” are not made viewable to the public.)

Lots of ways:

On restaurant premises:
Once a restaurant earns its Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation, it will receive a decal to be displayed on its door or window. This decal represents to every guest the restaurant’s commitment to improving the society, environment, and economy of our region. In addition, all designated restaurants receive an electronic file containing the “designation badge” that can be used on menus, flyers, business cards, or framed on the wall!

Our “Find a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant” feature also gives people the opportunity to find a restaurant they can trust as being socially and environmentally responsible. Both a map interface and a listing of designated restaurants are available. Designated restaurants can post their “designation badge” on their own websites to highlight their achievement. Furthermore, restaurants who have earned Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation will benefit from our marketing initiatives to promote the program, potential media attention, a press release template, and a badge image file of the designation plate that can be used for a restaurant’s website or guest communications. Assessment results are also provided under the restaurant’s profile on this website, allowing anyone to see and appreciate a restaurant’s achievement. And there is always the positive recognition a restaurant is likely to receive from members of its community for its demonstrated sustainability performance.

Social Media:
Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! The good deeds of Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants will proudly be shared on our social media accounts. Let’s let the world see what our Pittsburgh restaurant community can do!

Word of Mouth:
Positive recognition a restaurant is sure to flow among members of the community.

Traditional Media:
In addition to benefiting from overarching program marketing initiatives, designated restaurants will receive a press release template to use for sharing the news of its Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant achievement. Additional media attention can also be received from TV, radio, advertisements, newspapers, and magazines.

Designation as a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants lasts for two years. After two years, a restaurant must complete a renewal in order to continue its designation.

There is no fee to become designated.

Any restaurant located within the following Pennsylvania counties is welcome and encouraged to participate in the program and earn designation: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington, Westmoreland.

Sometimes people think so, but it doesn’t have to be. Many sustainable actions are simple behavior changes that require no cost and can make a large difference. There are also many solutions that are low-cost to implement where a restaurant can realize big savings. Sure, making changes can be an expense, but a restaurant is free to choose its actions and its level of engagement with the program.

The performance assessment restaurants complete to earn designation is located here. In order to begin the assessment, a generic password is required to create a restaurant’s login information. If you are a restaurant representative and do not have this password, send an email to and the password will be emailed to you. The generic password is used to initially create restaurant account and login information. The ability to change to a unique password occurs during the process of creating a restaurant account with the program. Once your restaurant has logged in and created an account, the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant performance assessment that leads to designation can then be completed.

We understand that restaurants are a fast-paced, busy environment and that time can be a factor. For this reason, any one person or team of people from the restaurant staff can be designated by the owner/general manager to complete the assessment. All we ask is that the restaurant owner/general manager reviews the completed assessment for accuracy and validity prior to submission (the owner/general manager’s photo and his/her online signature is required before the assessment will be accepted.)

Yes, a restaurant can be reassessed at any time during the duration of its designation without an additional cost. Sustainable Pittsburgh can also assist with restaurants striving to achieve a higher designation level.

A restaurant’s designation plate level is based off total points achieved through the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant assessment. There are no specific actions that must completed in order to reach a certain level; a restaurant is free to choose its actions, with its overall cumulative points corresponding to the designation plate earned.

This designation program was developed by Sustainable Pittsburgh with the insights and expert guidance of the members of the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant advisory committee. The development of this program was made possible through grant support from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation.

Yes!! Dine at designated Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants! You can also download the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant info card and encourage a restaurant to join. As another added bonus, take the “I Am Sustainable Pittsburgh” pledge. The pledge is a no-cost way for individuals to commit to living more responsible lives in regards to our environment, people, and economy. By selecting six sustainable actions to perform, everyone can be part of the movement to creating a more sustainable, thriving Pittsburgh region! Take the “I Am Sustainable Pittsburgh” pledge here!

We are here to help! Send an email to or contact Rebecca Bykoski at 412-258-6647. We will update these FAQs accordingly as one restaurant’s experience may be helpful to others.