The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation is a voluntary program intended to recognize restaurants in our region for implementing actions that are simultaneously good for their bottom line, the environment, and the social fabric of our communities. These restaurants are demonstrating their commitment to sustainability by investing not only in the future of their business and industry, but also contributing to the promise of a better, more prosperous Pittsburgh region.

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program helps restaurants conduct business in more environmentally and socially responsible methods and aids consumers in selecting a dining location that has committed to the inclusion of sustainable practices into their everyday operations.

Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant Designation Criteria:

The criteria of the designation consists of 149 actions aimed at positively impacting the environment, society, and economy of our region. Aside from displaying its designation to guests, a restaurant has the freedom to choose its actions throughout the assessment. By giving restaurants the ability to freely select their sustainable actions, this designation can be attained by any restaurant who has the desire to be part of a community within their industry that demonstrates value in operating with environmental and social responsibility.

Click here to view the designation criteria of the performance assessment.

Designation Levels and Requisite Points

As no two restaurants are the same, this designation has been designed to provide a flexible and adaptable approach to sustainability that is achievable for all our region’s restaurants. By completing the performance assessment, a restaurant has the opportunity to gain recognition across one of four designation levels:

  • Bronze: 86-165 points
  • Silver: 166-260 points
  • Gold: 261-340 points
  • Platinum: 341-408 points

After a restaurant completes the assessment and claims its designation, the assessment is then viewable to Sustainable Pittsburgh. At this point, the assessment is reviewed for completion. Once it has been determined that all requirements have been met, a restaurant is officially designated and is now a member the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant community.

Restaurant Profiles

Designated restaurants will be provided the following features on this site:

  • A restaurant profile that includes restaurant name, address, phone, link to restaurant website assessment results (score, designation level, and selected actions with validation statements) actions a restaurant does not select are not made part of a profile photos of the restaurant front and owner/GM
  • Restaurant name and link to profiles on listings of Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants
  • A custom marker to identify designated restaurants on the “Find a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant” map
  • A “bank” to help restaurants connect with resources, organizations, companies, or services, find products, incentives, special offers, or discounts,  download guides, and get tips to support their sustainable actions

Extras for Restaurants

  • A window decal featuring a restaurant’s achieved designation level in order to proudly display the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation to all guests who enter
  • A promo kit to include items and resources a restaurant can use to showcase its restaurant, designation, and accomplishments