It all began in the basement of historic Trinity Cathedral where college friends Tim and Megan began selling franks.

? ? ? “Take me to church…I’ll worship like a (hot) dog at the shrine of your (poutine) fries.”? ? ?

After bidding the church basement goodbye, with two locations and two food trucks later, they are the locally and nationally famed, Franktuary.

Regarded by Pittsburgh Magazine as the “Best Downtown Lunch Spot” and “Best Hot Dog”, Franktuary has received much recognition. The restaurant has been serving its signature frankfurter for over a decade now in Pittsburgh. In 2015, Franktuary – Lawrenceville earned Gold Plate designation as a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant, part of the inaugural wave of establishments becoming recognized for their sustainability efforts.  Franktuary – Market Square followed in 2016, earning a Silver Plate designation.

Through the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program, restaurants can apply for funding to support various sustainability projects. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Franktuary applied for two bicycles for its staff to transport supplies, shuttle items back and forth between its Market Square and Lawrenceville locations, and as a means to cut back on transportation-related emissions. Though the bikes have been mostly in hibernation this winter, they will be geared up and ready to go for a spring promotion of Franktuary’s new catering packages.

“We are excited at the thought of delivering fresh, hot food without any gasoline to neighborhood clients!” says owner, Megan Lindsey.

Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant funds (along with funds from Lawrenceville Corporation) are also helping to support Franktuary’s expansion to an indoor microgreens growing station.  Since 2013, Franktuary has been gardening above its Lawrenceville parking lot.  Now, with winter waning, the microgreens set-up will allow them to start some tender garden plants indoors, getting a jump on the 2017 growing season.

Also this year, Franktuary will be purchasing a delivery bicycle with electric assist that can hold up to 150 pounds. That’s more than 1,050 franks (150lbs = 2400oz at 2.25oz/dog)! Frankly, for Franktuary, their sustainable foresight is fascinating!

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? ? ? “Take Me to Church” song lyrics by Hozier

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