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Allegheny Wine Mixer

5326 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15201
Email : info@alleghenywinemixer.com
Phone : 412-252-2337

County : Allegheny
Neighborhood : Upper Lawrenceville
County: Allegheny
Designation Level : Silver Designation
Owner/Manager : Jamie Patten

Sustainability Practices:


1 point Mandatory: We will/we pledge to display our Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation on our website, menu, and/or marketing materials

Restaurant's statement: Our restaurant will display our Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation through our website, menu, and/or marketing materials, and program decal.
1 point Mandatory: We will/we pledge to post the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant decal in a place visible to restaurant guests

Restaurant's statement: Our restaurant will display our Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation through our website, menu, and/or marketing materials, and program decal.
3 points We have adopted a comprehensive sustainability policy

Restaurant's statement: We work sustainability into operations on a daily basis and in choices we make in purchasing. We continue moving towards being as sustainable as possible. When possible, we make the most sustainable choices possible.
3 points We provide sustainability-related training and information to all new and existing employees

Restaurant's statement: We train employees on our sustainable practices. Employees are trained to look to be as sustainable as possible in daily behaviors.
3 points We include updates on our sustainable actions within staff meetings

Restaurant's statement: We update on these in weekly meetings.
11 Points for General

Waste Reduction

2 points We recycle all of the following materials: paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, and aluminum

Restaurant's statement: We recycle with Waste Management.
3 points We recycle/donate for reuse some of the following large materials/items: appliances, building materials, cabinets, countertops, windows, doors, flooring, mirrors, furniture, toilets, sinks

Restaurant's statement: We donated kitchen items and other miscellaneous items during renovation before opening.
3 points We recycle/donate for reuse some of the following small materials/items: polystyrene/Styrofoam, light bulbs, batteries, aerosol cans, paint, computer systems, hardware, light fixtures, ink and toner cartridges

Restaurant's statement: We donate regularly to the Center of Creative Reuse - corks, funky wine bottles, crates. We also do fundraisers with them.
2 points We buy at least one of the following products in bulk - no individually wrapped/portioned items: straws, to-go cutlery, or condiments used for in-house orders

Restaurant's statement: Any disposables: Napkins, to-go containers, straws,toilet paper and paper towels. All paper products are bought in bulk.
2 points We have eliminated straws from guest use or instilled an "offer first" approach with straws

Restaurant's statement: We don't have many drinks that come automatically with straws. We encourage guests to ask if they'd like straws.
3 points We practice "root-to-stem" or "nose-to-tail" cooking

Restaurant's statement: Aging fruit and fruit scraps are used to make jams.
2 points We do not use plastic bags to bag take-out items or have instilled an "offer first" approach to bagging take-out items in plastic

Restaurant's statement: We do not use plastic bags for take-out. We use paper bags for take out wines.
3 points We have eliminated the use of polystyrene foam or Styrofoam containers (boxes and cups) for take-out use

Restaurant's statement: We do not use styrofoam packaging.
3 points We purchase paper products and/or containers made from recycled content

Restaurant's statement: We use take-out packaging made from recycled content.
2 points We purchase paper products and/or containers that are recyclable

Restaurant's statement: Our take-out boxes and paper bags are recyclable.
2 points We purchase plastic products/containers that are recyclable

Restaurant's statement: We reuse and recycle plastic quart and pint containers.
2 points We do not serve water that is bottled in plastic

Restaurant's statement: We do not serve plastic bottled water.
2 points If we offer our guests paper self-serve napkins, we use a single output dispenser

Restaurant's statement: We give napkins one per guest when they order food.
2 points We use a paperless ordering and billing for vendors where it is available

Restaurant's statement: We order online with our vendors.
2 points We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products

Restaurant's statement: We use Simple Green for almost everything.
3 points We serve dine-in food and beverages with multi-use rather than disposable dishware (plates, cups, utensils, ramekins, etc.)

Restaurant's statement: All dine-in foods are served on multi-use dishware and glasses.
1 point We pay utility bills electronically (when given the option)

Restaurant's statement: Everywhere we can we pay online.
39 Points for Waste Reduction

Water Conservation

2 points We practice water-saving dishwashing techniques: hand scraping plates, pots, and pans before washing, presoaking pans/utensils, only running the dishwasher when it is full, and/or basin style washing

Restaurant's statement: We hand scrape, hand wash, and presoak.
3 points We have addressed water conservation through the efficiency of our toilets

Restaurant's statement: We have low-flow toilets
3 points We have addressed water conservation through the efficiency of our urinals

Restaurant's statement: We have a low-flow urinal.
1 point We thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator (not with running water)

Restaurant's statement: Anything that we freeze and thaw is done so by refrigeration or on the counter.
1 point We avoid hosing indoor and outdoor areas. Instead, we use dry cleaning methods followed by a damp mopping

Restaurant's statement: We avoid hosing as much as possible. We use dry cleaning methods.
2 points We regularly check for and repair leaks in our water system

Restaurant's statement: Our water system is regularly checked for leaks.
2 points We take necessary precautions to prevent wastewater contaminants produced during exterior cleaning/pressure washing or cleaning of floor mats, trash cans, or equipment from entering storm drains

Restaurant's statement: We only use water to clean outside.
1 point We turn off all kitchen faucets when not in use

Restaurant's statement: We turn off faucets when not in use.
15 Points for Water Conservation

Energy Efficiency

2 points We have our HVAC inspected annually to ensure it is in proper working condition and operating efficiently

Restaurant's statement: HVAC is inspected at least once per year.
2 points We use a programmable thermostat (continuously programmed to heat at 68 degrees and cool at 74 degrees during operating hours and 62 to heat/85 to cool during non-operating hours)

Restaurant's statement: We generally keep the thermostat set near 71 and turn it higher or lower depending on the season during non-operating hours.
2 points We have addressed energy efficiency through our windows and doors

Restaurant's statement: Our windows are energy efficient.
4 points We have a policy that we only purchase Energy Star equipment or appliances when available

Restaurant's statement: We purchase Energy Star appliances and energy efficient equipment whenever possible.
4 points We have upgraded to energy efficient lighting (T8 or T5 flourescents, LED, CFL)

Restaurant's statement: LEDs, CFLs, and energy efficient bulbs.
5 points We use LED bulbs in lighting or emergency exits

Restaurant's statement: We have some LED lighting installed.
2 points We turn off non-emergency indoor lights during non-operating hours

Restaurant's statement: We turn off lights when we are not open.
2 points We turn off lights in unused spaces or have installed sensors/timers to automatically turn them off

Restaurant's statement: We turn off lights in unused spaces.
4 points We use renewable energy to supply all or a portion of our energy needs

Restaurant's statement: We purchase our power from American Power and Gas using sustainably sourced power. Electricity is either wind or solar and gas is from a non-fracked source.
2 points We regularly clean evaporator and condenser coils on refrigerators (every 3 months)

Restaurant's statement: Someone cleans these regularly.
1 point We maintain the temperature of our hot water heater at 140 degrees or at the lowest temperature consistent with our sanitizing system

Restaurant's statement: Our hot water heater is set at the lowest temperature possible.
1 point We turn off all electronic equipment at the end of business or place them in energy saving mode

Restaurant's statement: We turn off everything electronic at the end of the day.
2 points We use ceiling fans to promote air circulation (high edge forward in winter, forcing air down; reverse in summer)

Restaurant's statement: We have a ceiling fan
2 points We have insulated all refrigeration cold suction lines

Restaurant's statement: Cold suction lines came insulated
3 points We use daylight sensors or adjust our indoor lighting based on natural sunlight available

Restaurant's statement: We adjust lighting based on natural light. It's typically kept pretty dim inside.
38 Points for Energy Efficiency

People - Community/Consumer Actions

2 points We partner with, fundraise, sponsor, promote or donate to a local community organization, community members, or cause

Restaurant's statement: We do fundraisers with the Center for Creative Reuse and donate to them. We also donate to Construction Junction.
3 points We provide employment opportunities for residents of the local community

Restaurant's statement: Our employees live locally. A few walk to work from home.
4 points We are involved with an urban farm or community garden that supplies a portion of our produce

Restaurant's statement: We are part of the Lawrenceville Business Garden that supplies produce for us.
4 points We participate in cooking classes, farmer events, or provide educational opportunities for adults or children to promote responsible food choices, culinary skills, food sourcing, meal planning, health and wellness, or other educational purposes

Restaurant's statement: We offer classes on classes on wine and pairings.
2 points We donate used cookware, linens, equipment, electronics, furniture, curtains, etc. to charity

Restaurant's statement: We have donated kitchenware and equipment to charity.
3 points We prioritize buying food grown from immigrant farmers, farmers of color, women farmers, youth or emerging farmers

Restaurant's statement: We prioritize buying from women-owned businesses.
2 points We encourage guests to take alternative transportation to get to our restaurant (bike, bus, walk, carpool)

Restaurant's statement: We encourage guests to take alternative transportation as much as possible.
2 points There is a secure location to store bicycles at or near our restaurant

Restaurant's statement: Bike racks are on Butler St.
22 Points for People - Community/Consumer Actions

People - Employee Actions

2 points We positively contribute to employee health and wellness through incentives or programs offered (i.e. gym membership discounts, yoga classes, sports league, etc.)

Restaurant's statement: We have taken field trips for hiking and exploration - Willamette Valley, for example.
5 points We exceed the industry standard for FOH and BOH employee wages (over the current minimum wage rate) or have instituted an alternative pay system structure compared to traditional industry methods

Restaurant's statement: We exceed industry standards for wages.
4 points We offer health benefits to our employees

Restaurant's statement: We supplement the health insurance cost for employees.
1 point Our restaurant is owned by someone who lives within the local region

Restaurant's statement: Owner lives locally in Pittsburgh.
3 points We offer our staff training to further enhance career development

Restaurant's statement: We do a lot of staff training in house as well as on trips to wine regions.
1 point We provide emergency rides for employees

Restaurant's statement: We provide emergency rides if necessary.
3 points We provide employees with at least 11 hours of non-working time between shifts

Restaurant's statement: Employees receive at least 11 hours of nonworking time between shifts.
3 points We provide our employees at least one day off for every five days worked consecutively

Restaurant's statement: Employees receive three days off each week.
3 points For employees earning hourly wages, we guarantee a minimum amount of weekly working hours

Restaurant's statement: Employees earning hourly wages work are guaranteed a minimum amount of weekly working hours.
3 points We provide FOH and BOH employees with some form of compensation during sick leave

Restaurant's statement: Employees receive base pay during sick leave.
3 points We offer our FOH and BOH employees vacation time

Restaurant's statement: We are closed one week per year and employees also receive a paid vacation once per year (up to one weeks worth.)
3 points We offer internal promotions

Restaurant's statement: We have an employee who worked on the food station who transferred to a server and received her wine certificaiton. Employees taking on mroe responsibilty.
3 points We cross-train employees across different floor and kitchen positions

Restaurant's statement: Most employees are trained to both serve and bartend.
3 points We give raises based on employee performance and responsibility

Restaurant's statement: Employees receive raises based on length of time of employment.
1 point We provide discounts for our employees at our restaurant

Restaurant's statement: Employees receive discounted meals.
41 Points for People - Employee Actions

Responsible Sourcing

3 points We use furniture that has been refurbished, remanufactured, is previously used or has been constructed from repurposed materials

Restaurant's statement: All furniture was purchased second-hand.
3 points When Energy Star or energy efficient equipment is not available or attainable, we make it a priority to purchase refurbished appliances or equipment

Restaurant's statement: All original equipment was refurbished. We prioritize the most energy efficient option.
3 points We derive some items or ingredients locally (i.e. cheese, milk, coffee, tea, juice, baked goods, beer, wine, spirits, invasive species, raw baking materials)

Restaurant's statement: Bread, 80% of cheese, meats are from Parma Sausage or made in house, baked goods
4 points We source our seafood sustainably [Consult Monterey Bay's Seafood Watch Guide (do not serve from 'Avoid' column), Blue Ocean Institute's Guide to Friendly Seafood (do not serve those coded as orange or red), or purchase from a supplier certified by the Marine Stewardship Council]

Restaurant's statement: Salmon is sustainably sourced.
2 points We source products from a regionally-based third party supplier

Restaurant's statement: Occasionally we purchase from Paragon. Also Wheel and Wedge.
3 points We rotate menu items based on seasonality

Restaurant's statement: We rotate menu items based on the season - fruits and vegetables are seasonal.
4 points We purchase items at the local Farmer's Market

Restaurant's statement: We occasionally purchase tomatoes from the farmers market.
2 points We purchase eggs that have at least one of the following characteristics: local, cage-free, organic

Restaurant's statement: When we use eggs, they are cage free and organic .
2 points We recognize local farms and/or vendors whose products we source online, on our menu, or through our marketing

Restaurant's statement: We name local cheese, meets, and beer.
4 points We participate in hyperlocal sourcing (restaurant gardens, apiary on-site, or sourcing products from within the local community/zip code)

Restaurant's statement: We have space in the Lawrenceville Business Garden and mint from our yards.
3 points We can, pickle, or preserve foods

Restaurant's statement: We make pickles, jams, mustard, and pickled eggs.
3 points We make at least one of the following items in-house: salad dressings, condiments, sauces, jams, jellies, juices, soups, broths, stock, chutneys, syrups, salsas

Restaurant's statement: Jams and mustards made in house.
3 points We make our own non-alcoholic beverages, beer, wine, or spirits (including mixers)

Restaurant's statement: We make a lot of syrups in-house, shrubs, and concentrates.
3 points We source animal products that are humanely raised and processed

Restaurant's statement: Cheeses are produced from farms that are humanely raised.
8 points When in season, we source 46-100% of produce locally (From within a 150 mile radius)

Restaurant's statement: 50%
For RS-32 – RS-35, select the “yes” that represents your % of regionally sourced meats:
1 point We source 1-25% of meats regionally (From within a 400 mile radius)

Restaurant's statement: 25%
For RS-36 – RS-39, select the “yes” that represents your % of organic or naturally grown products:
2 points 1-15% of products we use carry organic certification or are naturally grown

Restaurant's statement: 10%
53 Points for Responsible Sourcing


2 points Our restaurant provides half portions of select menu items or small plates (tapas)

Restaurant's statement: A lot of our menu is small plates
2 points Our restaurant provides vegetarian/vegan fare

Restaurant's statement: Mezze plate is vegetarian. We also always have a fruit plate. There is also a mozz/tomato plate on for the summer. cheese plates.
2 points Our restaurant provides allergen-free options

Restaurant's statement: We have gluten free crackers. Mild nut allergies can be accommodated.
2 points Our restaurant provides low-sodium options

Restaurant's statement: Fruit plates, mezze plate, house pickles.
2 points Our restaurant provides ancient grains (barley, farro, quinoa, polenta, amaranth, spelt, kamut, chia, sorghum, freekeh, teff, millet)

Restaurant's statement: We use ancient grains in the tabouleh
2 points Our restaurant provides low calorie salad dressings

Restaurant's statement: When we use salad dressings, we make them in house and low calorie
2 points Our restaurant provides smaller sized soda options

Restaurant's statement: Sodas are 12 oz or less.
2 points We use healthful, plant based oils for cooking and baking (containing predominantly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats - no trans-fat/partially-hydrogenated oils)

Restaurant's statement: Olive oil is what is mostly used. Occasionally also vegetable oil
3 points We have satisfied the requirements associated with earning Live Well Allegheny restaurant status. (Note: If your restaurant is located in Allegheny County, completing these requirements will earn you status as a LWA Restaurant in addition to your SPR designation. If your restaurant is located outside of Allegheny County, you will receive points toward your SPR designation by meeting LWA Restaurant requirements.)

Restaurant's statement: We meet the requirements for Live Well Allegheny status.
19 Points for Nutrition