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Millie's Homemade Ice Cream

232 S Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15206
Email : shadyside@millieshomemade.com
Phone : 412-404-8853

County : Allegheny
Neighborhood : Shadyside
County: Allegheny
Designation Level : Silver Designation
Owner/Manager : Director of Retail Operations - Melissa Horst

Sustainability Practices:


1 point Mandatory: We will/we pledge to display our Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation on our website, menu, and/or marketing materials

Restaurant's statement: We pledge to display our Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation on our website, menu, and/or marketing materials
1 point Mandatory: We will/we pledge to post the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant decal in a place visible to restaurant guests

Restaurant's statement: We pledge to post the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant decal in a place visible to restaurant guests
3 points We have adopted a comprehensive sustainability policy

Restaurant's statement: We have adopted a comprehensive sustainability policy
3 points We provide sustainability-related training and information to all new and existing employees

Restaurant's statement: We provide sustainability-related training and information to all new and existing employees
3 points We include updates on our sustainable actions within staff meetings

Restaurant's statement: We include updates on our sustainable actions within staff meetings
11 Points for General

Waste Reduction

2 points We recycle all of the following materials: paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, and aluminum

Restaurant's statement: Waste Management, we are currently evaluating an appropriate compostable container to further reduce our footprint.
3 points We recycle/donate for reuse some of the following large materials/items: appliances, building materials, cabinets, countertops, windows, doors, flooring, mirrors, furniture, toilets, sinks

Restaurant's statement: We recycle any larger recyclable items as well as take any large metal items to the scrapyard to be used as other metal items later .
3 points We recycle/donate for reuse some of the following small materials/items: polystyrene/Styrofoam, light bulbs, batteries, aerosol cans, paint, computer systems, hardware, light fixtures, ink and toner cartridges

Restaurant's statement: Yes we recycle any items throughout alternative recycling channels that we can.
2 points We buy at least one of the following products in bulk - no individually wrapped/portioned items: straws, to-go cutlery, or condiments used for in-house orders

Restaurant's statement: We buy spoons, straws as well as condiments in bulk. Spoons in 1000 pc boxes, straws in 500 pc tubs, and condiments are made in house so as not to require extra packaging.
2 points We have eliminated straws from guest use or instilled an "offer first" approach with straws

Restaurant's statement: We ask guests if they would like a straw before serving beverages.
3 points We practice "root-to-stem" or "nose-to-tail" cooking

Restaurant's statement: We have made nasturtium ice cream with leaves as well as fowers, when making fennel flavors we use fennel bulbs, stems, fronds as well as pollen and seeds.
1 point We post our daily specials or menu on a chalkboard/whiteboard as opposed to printing

Restaurant's statement: We have no printed menus in the shop, specials are written on chalkboards, mainstays are on a metal board with metal letters denoting flavors, sizes and options.
2 points We do not use plastic bags to bag take-out items or have instilled an "offer first" approach to bagging take-out items in plastic

Restaurant's statement: We do use plastic bags however we never assume that everyone wants one. We always ask, as some of our guests are carrying bags from previous dining experiences
3 points We have eliminated the use of polystyrene foam or Styrofoam containers (boxes and cups) for take-out use

Restaurant's statement: We use paper cups and lids or polystyrene pints for to go orders. These are both recyclable.
1 point We purchase polystyrene foam or Sytrofoam containers (boxes and cups) that are made with post consumer recycled polystyrene

Restaurant's statement: We ship nationally and our shipper requires foam coolers due to the use of dry ice, as such we use a post consumer recycled polystyrene
2 points We purchase paper products and/or containers that are recyclable

Restaurant's statement: to go drink cups, ice cream cups and napkins
2 points We purchase plastic products/containers that are recyclable

Restaurant's statement: Plastic spoons, pint containers
2 points If we offer our guests paper self-serve napkins, we use a single output dispenser

Restaurant's statement: All of our napkins , including staff use napkins are in single output dispensers.
2 points We use a paperless system to process guest orders

Restaurant's statement: Instore P.O.S.
2 points We use a paperless ordering and billing for vendors where it is available

Restaurant's statement: All of our invoices are sent paperless through our accounting system and encouraged to be paid online
3 points We serve dine-in food and beverages with multi-use rather than disposable dishware (plates, cups, utensils, ramekins, etc.)

Restaurant's statement: Milkshakes as well as sundaes are offered to be served in glass or porcelain to in house diners.
1 point We pay utility bills electronically (when given the option)

Restaurant's statement: - Waste Bills - Water/sewer bills - Electric bills - Gas bills
36 Points for Waste Reduction

Water Conservation

3 points We have installed a low-flow pre-rinse sprayer for dishwashing

Restaurant's statement: T&S
2 points We practice water-saving dishwashing techniques: hand scraping plates, pots, and pans before washing, presoaking pans/utensils, only running the dishwasher when it is full, and/or basin style washing

Restaurant's statement: We prescrape, presoak and only run the dishwasher when it is completely full.
3 points We have addressed water conservation through the efficiency of our toilets

Restaurant's statement: We have a multiple flush toilet to use less water when possible.
1 point We thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator (not with running water)

Restaurant's statement: We dont use many frozen foods but when we do we plan ahead to slack them out in the refrigerator.
1 point We avoid hosing indoor and outdoor areas. Instead, we use dry cleaning methods followed by a damp mopping

Restaurant's statement: We avoid hosing whenever possible. We sweep and mop the shops floors and only hose outside 1x quarterly.
2 points We regularly check for and repair leaks in our water system

Restaurant's statement: We check quarterly.
1 point We turn off all kitchen faucets when not in use

Restaurant's statement: we commit to turning off faucets, not only is it sustainable but also cost effective and responsible.
13 Points for Water Conservation

Energy Efficiency

2 points We have addressed energy efficiency through our windows and doors

Restaurant's statement: We use vista windows that we have replaced which are energy efficient as well as a Houston- Starr door.
4 points We have a policy that we only purchase Energy Star equipment or appliances when available

Restaurant's statement: We only purchase energy star appliances when applicable
4 points We have upgraded to energy efficient lighting (T8 or T5 flourescents, LED, CFL)

Restaurant's statement: All LED lighting
5 points We use LED bulbs in lighting or emergency exits

Restaurant's statement: 64 between Shadyside and Homewood
2 points We turn off non-emergency indoor lights during non-operating hours

Restaurant's statement: We turn off all non emergency lights when we close.
2 points We turn off lights in unused spaces or have installed sensors/timers to automatically turn them off

Restaurant's statement: Yes we keep the lights off in non used spaces
2 points We regularly clean evaporator and condenser coils on refrigerators (every 3 months)

Restaurant's statement: We have a service agreement with Al's Commercial refrigeration to clean all of our coolers mechanical's quarterly
1 point We maintain the temperature of our hot water heater at 140 degrees or at the lowest temperature consistent with our sanitizing system

Restaurant's statement: We keep our hot water tank at exactly 140
1 point We turn off all electronic equipment at the end of business or place them in energy saving mode

Restaurant's statement: We put all electric equipment in sleep mode at the end of the night.
2 points We use ceiling fans to promote air circulation (high edge forward in winter, forcing air down; reverse in summer)

Restaurant's statement: We use ceiling fans to promote air circulation.
1 point We use natural cooling in place of air conditioning, when acceptable

Restaurant's statement: We always prefer to have the doors and windows open unless the temperature prohibits.
2 points We have insulated all refrigeration cold suction lines

Restaurant's statement: We insulate them with foam.
28 Points for Energy Efficiency

People - Community/Consumer Actions

2 points We partner with, fundraise, sponsor, promote or donate to a local community organization, community members, or cause

Restaurant's statement: We partner with 412 Food Rescue, Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as multiple donations to many other charitable org's
3 points We provide employment opportunities for residents of the local community

Restaurant's statement: 25%
4 points We participate with an organization's program designed to provide employment opportunities for vulnerable populations

Restaurant's statement: We worked with Pittsburgh Public Schools to provide jobs to their culinary training program students.
4 points We are involved with an urban farm or community garden that supplies a portion of our produce

Restaurant's statement: Garfield Community Farm
4 points We participate in cooking classes, farmer events, or provide educational opportunities for adults or children to promote responsible food choices, culinary skills, food sourcing, meal planning, health and wellness, or other educational purposes

Restaurant's statement: We have done classes with Pittsburgh Public Schools, Lamppost Farm and a few other local farms.
4 points We help to provide access to healthy, fresh food to people in underserved communities

Restaurant's statement: We have regularly partnered with 412 Food rescue as well an Greater Pittsburgh Food bank amongst other food based charities
5 points We help to provide children in underserved communities access to fresh, healthy food in order to supplement meals outside of regular school hours or during the standard school year

Restaurant's statement: We are in talks to open a store/production facility in Homestead and we participate in summer events in Homewood.
2 points There is a secure location to store bicycles at or near our restaurant

Restaurant's statement: There are 2 bike corrals close to our location and we are currently getting custom bike racks made on our property.
28 Points for People - Community/Consumer Actions

People - Employee Actions

2 points Our employees participate in volunteer activities

Restaurant's statement: We are hosting a party for 412 food rescue, we are serving ice cream and staffing Pitt Real food day
5 points We exceed the industry standard for FOH and BOH employee wages (over the current minimum wage rate) or have instituted an alternative pay system structure compared to traditional industry methods

Restaurant's statement: We pay people a starting rate well above minimum wage
4 points We offer health benefits to our employees

Restaurant's statement: UPMC is our healthcare provider and we provide insurance for some of our employees, which we pay 100% of
1 point Our restaurant is owned by someone who lives within the local region

Restaurant's statement: Edgewood, Morningside, Squirrel Hill
3 points We offer our staff training to further enhance career development

Restaurant's statement: We have promoted some employees from ice cream scoopers up to manager, we always prefer to promote from within.
1 point We provide emergency rides for employees

Restaurant's statement: Our manager has given several people rides to and from work in Shadyside as well as Homewood, should they find themselves without transportation.
3 points We provide employees with at least 11 hours of non-working time between shifts

Restaurant's statement: We always provide employees with at least 11 hours time between shifts.
3 points We provide our employees at least one day off for every five days worked consecutively

Restaurant's statement: We always give our employees at least 1 day off per 5 days worked.
3 points We offer our FOH and BOH employees vacation time

Restaurant's statement: We offer vacation time after a probationary period, depending on position, experience as well as other factors.
3 points We offer internal promotions

Restaurant's statement: Our shadyside store manager was hired as an ice cream scooper and promoted to manager from within.
3 points We cross-train employees across different floor and kitchen positions

Restaurant's statement: We have a delivery driver who oversees the shop during the week, we also have employees in production that take deliveries.
3 points We give raises based on employee performance and responsibility

Restaurant's statement: We regularly give employees raises based on merit.
1 point We provide discounts for our employees at our restaurant

Restaurant's statement: Our employees receive 50% off of all purchases.
3 points We provide employee ownership in the company

Restaurant's statement: Several of our employees own a stake in our business.
2 points We provide bonuses or incentives for employee performance

Restaurant's statement: We give bonuses, based on merit as well.
2 points We work hard to ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment

Restaurant's statement: We strongly impress upon our employees from the top down , the importance of diversity within our business, from employees to vendors and everything in between.
42 Points for People - Employee Actions

Responsible Sourcing

3 points When Energy Star or energy efficient equipment is not available or attainable, we make it a priority to purchase refurbished appliances or equipment

Restaurant's statement: Walk in coolers, dipping cabinets, stand up refrigerators.
3 points We derive some items or ingredients locally (i.e. cheese, milk, coffee, tea, juice, baked goods, beer, wine, spirits, invasive species, raw baking materials)

Restaurant's statement: We use local beer as well as spirits in our ice cream, we use local grains when applicable and our milk is all local.
3 points We make purchases from a farmer coop, local food hub, or local food purveyor

Restaurant's statement: East end food coop, Vale Wood Dairy, Yarnicks Farm, Paul Farms Maple syrup, Penns Corner Farm Alliance
2 points We source products from a regionally-based third party supplier

Restaurant's statement: Paragon Foods
3 points We rotate menu items based on seasonality

Restaurant's statement: Strawberry Ice Cream in June, Blueberry Ice Cream in July, Peach ice Cream in August among many other seasonal flavors.
4 points We purchase items at the local Farmer's Market

Restaurant's statement: East liberty monday and saturday market, Mt Lebanon Wednesday market, wilkinsburg Thursday market
2 points We purchase eggs that have at least one of the following characteristics: local, cage-free, organic

Restaurant's statement: Cage free
2 points We recognize local farms and/or vendors whose products we source online, on our menu, or through our marketing

Restaurant's statement: We always love to highlight our local partners in interviews, on menus and at events.
4 points We participate in hyperlocal sourcing (restaurant gardens, apiary on-site, or sourcing products from within the local community/zip code)

Restaurant's statement: We grow several types of herbs at our shadyside locations and are hoping our peach tree hooks us up this year!
3 points We make at least one of the following items in-house: salad dressings, condiments, sauces, jams, jellies, juices, soups, broths, stock, chutneys, syrups, salsas

Restaurant's statement: Bake our own brownies, are the only local ice cream manufacturer who pasteurizes from scratch, we make several different sauces as well as toppings for our ice creams. we also make our own waffle cone mix.
3 points We source animal products that are humanely raised and processed

Restaurant's statement: Valewood Dairy
8 points When in season, we source 46-100% of produce locally (From within a 150 mile radius)

Restaurant's statement: 80%, Milk, Fruits, eggs
7 points When in season, we source 46-100% of produce regionally (From within a 400 mile radius)

Restaurant's statement: Everything but lemons, limes, coconut milk, chocolate and vanilla beans
8 points 46-100% of products we use carry organic certification or are naturally grown

Restaurant's statement: 75%
55 Points for Responsible Sourcing


2 points Our restaurant provides half portions of select menu items or small plates (tapas)

Restaurant's statement: We provide a junior portion of any of our flavors.
2 points Our restaurant provides vegetarian/vegan fare

Restaurant's statement: we always have at least 2 vegan options, and our ice cream is always vegetarian.
2 points Our restaurant provides low-sodium options

Restaurant's statement: All of our ice cream is low sodium
2 points Our restaurant provides ancient grains (barley, farro, quinoa, polenta, amaranth, spelt, kamut, chia, sorghum, freekeh, teff, millet)

Restaurant's statement: we have used sorghum as an alternative sweetener, we have also made grain ice creams that we are very pleased with
2 points Our restaurant provides smaller sized soda options

Restaurant's statement: 12 oz
3 points Our restaurant provides alternatives to soft drinks for children's meals

Restaurant's statement: Water, and naturally flavored water as well as milk
13 Points for Nutrition