In the United States alone, it is estimated that we go through hundreds of millions of plastic straws a day (according to the Plastic Pollution Coalition).

Were you aware that they aren’t recyclable?

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Since they are usually manufactured with recyclable plastic material, most consumers assume that plastic straws can be recycled — when in fact curbside and commercial recycling programs don’t accept plastic straws as they jam up the machines at recycling facilities.

That’s why we are excited to bring you the Straw Forward project, an effort led by our member restaurants that will bring attention to this wasteful practice in an artful way.

Throughout the summer and early fall, participating restaurants will be collecting used plastic straws.

We are working with a local artist who will transform all of these “saved” plastic straws into a large public display. After which we will make sure that they are upcycled appropriately.

The finished one-of-a-kind Straw Forward art project will be displayed in a prominent place in Pittsburgh later this year.

Do your part to make it a success and stop in at our restaurants today.