Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant – The Main Course

This section provides more detailed information about the designation for restaurant owners, managers, employees, or anyone who would like to take a bigger bite.


What does the program do?

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program helps restaurants source food in more socially and environmentally friendly ways, manage resources more efficiently, and work more closely with their community. By doing these things, restaurants are able to cut costs, gain recognition, and increase profits by drawing more guests through their doors.

The program also helps diners find and identify restaurants in southwestern PA who are taking their sustainability to the next level and have committed to a change for the better.

Helping restaurants, consumers, communities, farmers, industries, the economy, and the environment…even the animals. 


Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants give diners a way to choose buy celebrex online cheap their next meal based on a restaurant’s sustainable values and provides restaurants a way to showcase their accomplishments. Restaurants are recognized and awarded the following “plates” to indicate level of achieved designation: Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These plates reflect how a restaurants ranks over a wide range of sustainability values covering everything from conserving energy and water to the sourcing of foods. There are even sustainable actions geared toward raising the working standards for employees in the restaurant community, feeding hungry people, providing jobs, treatment of animals, and creating more awareness and education. So, restaurants who earn their designation are really going that extra mile to show they care!