Overview – Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant


A sustainability performance program providing recognition for leading restaurants in southwestern Pennsylvania.


The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant gets to the true heart of sustainability. With its unique development of actions aimed at integrating economic, environmental, and social equity factors, the program’s designation enables restaurateurs to see the lasting value in operating in socially and environmentally responsible ways, while saving money and increasing business.

If you’re a chef, restaurant owner, or employee, a quick look at the program can be viewed by downloading the restaurant brochure. If you’re a diner and want to learn more about how the program works, the commitments of participating restaurants, and how to find them, this brochure is for you.

It’s good for people, the planet, restaurants, and our economy!


A Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant commits to performing selected actions from a series of categories directed to making improvements in the areas of energy, water, waste, food sourcing, people, and nutrition. By fulfilling these actions, a restaurant stands out as a leader within its community. A Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant attracts more guests through their doors as it is considering operational impacts on the regional economy, environment, restaurant guests and employees, and the residents of its community. Curious to see what celebrex cheap buy these actions are? Click here to view the sustainability designation criteria.

“Plate up” with one of five levels of designation!

A restaurant can earn its sustainable designation over five levels, being awarded different “plates” that indicate its level of achievement with the program. Levels are based on points achieved relative to number of actions satisfied. The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant recognition levels range from a “Starter Plate” to a “Platinum Plate” for those who are truly leading lasting change within the industry.

Sustainable Restaurant Designations

Can any restaurant participate?

A restaurant does not have to be located within Pittsburgh city limits to earn its Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation. We welcome (and encourage) all restaurants located within the following Pennsylvania counties to join the movement leading us to a more prosperous region: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington, Westmoreland.

What can diners do?

Diners can help, too! By choosing to dine with a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant, patrons contribute to the positive and lasting impacts designated restaurants are working hard to deliver.

Want to do more? You can also download the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant info card and encourage a restaurant to join!