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Wm Penn Tavern

739 Bellefonte, Pittsburgh, PA, 15232
Email : rrat1075@aol.om
Phone : 4126211000

County : Allegheny
Neighborhood : Pittsburgh - Shadyside
County: Allegheny
Designation Level : Silver Designation
Owner/Manager : Richard Rattner Owner

Sustainability Practices:


1 point Mandatory: We will/we pledge to display our Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation on our website, menu, and/or marketing materials

Restaurant's statement: we will/we pledge to display our sustainable Pittsburgh restaurant designation on our website,menu,and/or marketing materials
1 point Mandatory: We will/we pledge to post the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant decal in a place visible to restaurant guests

Restaurant's statement: our restaurant will display our sustainable Pittsburgh restaurant designation through our web site, menu, and/or marketing materials, and program decal
3 points We have adopted a comprehensive sustainability policy

Restaurant's statement: My staff and my patrons make a dedicated effort to lower our waste output on a daily basis
3 points We provide sustainability-related training and information to all new and existing employees

Restaurant's statement: All new and existing employees are continuously are reminded daily of new and improved sustainability information
3 points We include updates on our sustainable actions within staff meetings

Restaurant's statement: Every paycheck stub gives bi weekly updates
11 Points for General

Waste Reduction

4 points We track the amount of waste our restaurant produces and disposes and our progress on waste reduction

Restaurant's statement: track fryer oil
2 points We recycle all of the following materials: paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, and aluminum

Restaurant's statement: Waste management Buffalo Bio Diesel
3 points We recycle/donate for reuse some of the following large materials/items: appliances, building materials, cabinets, countertops, windows, doors, flooring, mirrors, furniture, toilets, sinks

Restaurant's statement: goodwill
3 points We recycle/donate for reuse some of the following small materials/items: polystyrene/Styrofoam, light bulbs, batteries, aerosol cans, paint, computer systems, hardware, light fixtures, ink and toner cartridges

Restaurant's statement: twice a year
2 points We buy at least one of the following products in bulk - no individually wrapped/portioned items: straws, to-go cutlery, or condiments used for in-house orders

Restaurant's statement: condiments
2 points We have eliminated straws from guest use or instilled an "offer first" approach with straws

Restaurant's statement: offer
3 points We sell or donate our used cooking oil

Restaurant's statement: buffalo bio diesel
1 point We post our daily specials or menu on a chalkboard/whiteboard as opposed to printing

Restaurant's statement: both
2 points We do not use plastic bags to bag take-out items or have instilled an "offer first" approach to bagging take-out items in plastic

Restaurant's statement: offer first
1 point We purchase polystyrene foam or Sytrofoam containers (boxes and cups) that are made with post consumer recycled polystyrene

Restaurant's statement: 9x9
3 points We purchase paper products and/or containers made from recycled content

Restaurant's statement: toilet paper roll towel
2 points We purchase paper products and/or containers that are recyclable

Restaurant's statement: napkins cups
3 points We purchase plastic products/containers made from recycled content

Restaurant's statement: cups
2 points We purchase plastic products/containers that are recyclable

Restaurant's statement: containers
2 points We do not serve water that is bottled in plastic

Restaurant's statement: tap water
2 points If we offer our guests paper self-serve napkins, we use a single output dispenser

Restaurant's statement: we dispense
2 points We use a paperless ordering and billing for vendors where it is available

Restaurant's statement: on line
2 points We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products

Restaurant's statement: floor soap
3 points We serve dine-in food and beverages with multi-use rather than disposable dishware (plates, cups, utensils, ramekins, etc.)

Restaurant's statement: plastic baskets
1 point We pay utility bills electronically (when given the option)

Restaurant's statement: dlc
45 Points for Waste Reduction

Water Conservation

3 points We track the amount of water our restaurant uses and our progress on water conservation

Restaurant's statement: monthy bill
3 points We have installed a low-flow pre-rinse sprayer for dishwashing

Restaurant's statement: siegle plumbing
2 points We practice water-saving dishwashing techniques: hand scraping plates, pots, and pans before washing, presoaking pans/utensils, only running the dishwasher when it is full, and/or basin style washing

Restaurant's statement: scrape wash rinse sanitize
3 points We have addressed water conservation through the efficiency of our toilets

Restaurant's statement: low flow
3 points We have addressed water conservation through the efficiency of our urinals

Restaurant's statement: low flow eljer
1 point We thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator (not with running water)

Restaurant's statement: refride
2 points We regularly check for and repair leaks in our water system

Restaurant's statement: daily
1 point We turn off all kitchen faucets when not in use

Restaurant's statement: not a drip
18 Points for Water Conservation

Energy Efficiency

3 points We track the amount of energy our restaurant consumes and our progress on energy efficiency

Restaurant's statement: dlc monthly
4 points We have conducted a professionally done, comprehensive energy audit in the past 5 years

Restaurant's statement: 1/7/2016
2 points We have our HVAC inspected annually to ensure it is in proper working condition and operating efficiently

Restaurant's statement: doyle
2 points We use a programmable thermostat (continuously programmed to heat at 68 degrees and cool at 74 degrees during operating hours and 62 to heat/85 to cool during non-operating hours)

Restaurant's statement: 68/74
2 points We have addressed energy efficiency through our windows and doors

Restaurant's statement: all high energy double paned
4 points We have a policy that we only purchase Energy Star equipment or appliances when available

Restaurant's statement: all equipment is energy star
4 points We have upgraded to energy efficient lighting (T8 or T5 flourescents, LED, CFL)

Restaurant's statement: allefficient lighting
5 points We use LED bulbs in lighting or emergency exits

Restaurant's statement: allleds
2 points We turn off non-emergency indoor lights during non-operating hours

Restaurant's statement: lights out
2 points We turn off lights in unused spaces or have installed sensors/timers to automatically turn them off

Restaurant's statement: sensors
2 points We regularly clean evaporator and condenser coils on refrigerators (every 3 months)

Restaurant's statement: every 2 months
1 point We turn off all electronic equipment at the end of business or place them in energy saving mode

Restaurant's statement: pos
2 points We use ceiling fans to promote air circulation (high edge forward in winter, forcing air down; reverse in summer)

Restaurant's statement: ceiling fan
2 points We power down the kitchen equipment during slow, idle times

Restaurant's statement: ansul relay
1 point We use natural cooling in place of air conditioning, when acceptable

Restaurant's statement: open door
2 points We have insulated all refrigeration cold suction lines

Restaurant's statement: doyle
3 points We use daylight sensors or adjust our indoor lighting based on natural sunlight available

Restaurant's statement: We adjust our lighting
43 Points for Energy Efficiency

People - Community/Consumer Actions

2 points We partner with, fundraise, sponsor, promote or donate to a local community organization, community members, or cause

Restaurant's statement: boys girls club shady side chamber
3 points We provide employment opportunities for residents of the local community

Restaurant's statement: all local staff
4 points We participate with an organization's program designed to provide employment opportunities for vulnerable populations

Restaurant's statement: off the street
2 points We donate used cookware, linens, equipment, electronics, furniture, curtains, etc. to charity

Restaurant's statement: veterens
4 points We help to provide access to healthy, fresh food to people in underserved communities

Restaurant's statement: eeco
2 points We encourage guests to take alternative transportation to get to our restaurant (bike, bus, walk, carpool)

Restaurant's statement: installed bike racks
2 points There is a secure location to store bicycles at or near our restaurant

Restaurant's statement: rear
19 Points for People - Community/Consumer Actions

People - Employee Actions

2 points Our employees participate in volunteer activities

Restaurant's statement: boys girls club
2 points We positively contribute to employee health and wellness through incentives or programs offered (i.e. gym membership discounts, yoga classes, sports league, etc.)

Restaurant's statement: gym memberships
5 points We exceed the industry standard for FOH and BOH employee wages (over the current minimum wage rate) or have instituted an alternative pay system structure compared to traditional industry methods

Restaurant's statement: every employee over min wage
4 points We offer health benefits to our employees

Restaurant's statement: upmc
1 point Our restaurant is owned by someone who lives within the local region

Restaurant's statement: shadyside
3 points We offer our staff training to further enhance career development

Restaurant's statement: safe serv ramp
1 point We provide emergency rides for employees

Restaurant's statement: pay for
2 points We provide some form of incentive for employee's use of alternative transportation for work (public transportation, walk, bicycle, carpooling)

Restaurant's statement: bus
3 points We provide employees with at least 11 hours of non-working time between shifts

Restaurant's statement: 12
3 points We provide employees working double shifts with a minimum break time of two hours

Restaurant's statement: 3
3 points We provide our employees at least one day off for every five days worked consecutively

Restaurant's statement: yes
3 points Our full-time salaried employees work an average no more than of 35-45 hours/week

Restaurant's statement: 35
3 points For employees earning hourly wages, we guarantee a minimum amount of weekly working hours

Restaurant's statement: 35
3 points We provide FOH and BOH employees with some form of compensation during sick leave

Restaurant's statement: 1 week /year
3 points We offer internal promotions

Restaurant's statement: cooks become bartenders
3 points We cross-train employees across different floor and kitchen positions

Restaurant's statement: of course
3 points We provide employees with the ability to move between front and back of house positions

Restaurant's statement: yes
3 points We give raises based on employee performance and responsibility

Restaurant's statement: based on performance
1 point We provide discounts for our employees at our restaurant

Restaurant's statement: free meals
2 points We work hard to ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment

Restaurant's statement: very diverse
53 Points for People - Employee Actions

Responsible Sourcing

3 points We use furniture that has been refurbished, remanufactured, is previously used or has been constructed from repurposed materials

Restaurant's statement: benches stools tables
3 points When Energy Star or energy efficient equipment is not available or attainable, we make it a priority to purchase refurbished appliances or equipment

Restaurant's statement: freezer
3 points We derive some items or ingredients locally (i.e. cheese, milk, coffee, tea, juice, baked goods, beer, wine, spirits, invasive species, raw baking materials)

Restaurant's statement: beer wine milk
3 points We make purchases from a farmer coop, local food hub, or local food purveyor

Restaurant's statement: green grocer
2 points We source products from a regionally-based third party supplier

Restaurant's statement: sysco
3 points We rotate menu items based on seasonality

Restaurant's statement: vegetables
4 points We purchase items at the local Farmer's Market

Restaurant's statement: shadyside
3 points We can, pickle, or preserve foods

Restaurant's statement: sauces
3 points We make at least one of the following items in-house: salad dressings, condiments, sauces, jams, jellies, juices, soups, broths, stock, chutneys, syrups, salsas

Restaurant's statement: sauces dressings
3 points We source animal products that are humanely raised and processed

Restaurant's statement: koch
4 points When in season, we source 16-30% of produce locally (From within a 150 mile radius)

Restaurant's statement: 25
For RS-24 – RS-27, select the “yes” that represents your % of regionally sourced produce:
1 point When in season, we source 1-15% of produce regionally (From within a 400 mile radius)

Restaurant's statement: 15
3 points We source 26-50% of meats regionally (From within a 400 mile radius)

Restaurant's statement: curtze erie
38 Points for Responsible Sourcing


2 points Our restaurant provides vegetarian/vegan fare

Restaurant's statement: veggie hoagie
2 points Our restaurant provides low calorie salad dressings

Restaurant's statement: italian
2 points Our restaurant provides smaller sized soda options

Restaurant's statement: 12oz
2 points We use healthful, plant based oils for cooking and baking (containing predominantly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats - no trans-fat/partially-hydrogenated oils)

Restaurant's statement: nontransfat
8 Points for Nutrition