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extraVEGANza Pgh (CLOSED)

1317 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15203
Email : mya@98poundchef-pgh.com
Phone : 4122128816

County : Allegheny
Neighborhood : Pittsburgh - South Side Flats
County: Allegheny
Designation Level : Gold Designation
Owner/Manager : Mya Zeronis

Sustainability Practices:


1 point Mandatory: We will/we pledge to display our Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation on our website, menu, and/or marketing materials

Restaurant's statement: Our restaurant will display our Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation through our website, menu, and/or marketing materials, and program decal.
1 point Mandatory: We will/we pledge to post the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant decal in a place visible to restaurant guests

Restaurant's statement: Our restaurant will display our Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant designation through our website, menu, and/or marketing materials, and program decal. We pledge to post the decal in a place visible to restaurant guests.
3 points We have adopted a comprehensive sustainability policy

Restaurant's statement: Our restaurant has adopted a comprehensive sustainability policy.
3 points We provide sustainability-related training and information to all new and existing employees

Restaurant's statement: Our restaurant provides sustainability training to all new and existing employees.
8 Points for General

Waste Reduction

4 points We have conducted a professionally done, comprehensive waste audit within the past 5 years

Restaurant's statement: Last done in 2011. Kyle Winkler, formerly of the PA Resources Council evaluated at our waste stream at Schwartz Living Market. Kyle implemented PA Resources Council's three way waste stream bins including one for trash, one for recycling and one for composting. For many years, PRC composted our food waste. Currently, extraVEGANza composts their own food waste and the market recycles glass and metal through this system. We are actively following the Living Building Challenge waste system at this time working to mindfully move along most of the deconstructed grocery store fixtures that have been stored in our warehouse.
2 points We recycle all of the following materials: paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, and aluminum

Restaurant's statement: Most glass mason jars and bottles are re-purposed for to-go orders of juices and smoothies. Emptied apple cider and maple syrup bottles are re-used to package apple cider maple vinaigrette for sale. Rarely there's aluminum to recycle. But we recycle everything that can be recycled.
3 points We recycle/donate for reuse some of the following large materials/items: appliances, building materials, cabinets, countertops, windows, doors, flooring, mirrors, furniture, toilets, sinks

Restaurant's statement: some of the restaurants fixtures are re-purposed materials from previous establishment. Toilets and sinks were purchased from Construction Junction.
3 points We recycle/donate for reuse some of the following small materials/items: polystyrene/Styrofoam, light bulbs, batteries, aerosol cans, paint, computer systems, hardware, light fixtures, ink and toner cartridges

Restaurant's statement: We donate these to Construction Junction.
2 points We buy at least one of the following products in bulk - no individually wrapped/portioned items: straws, to-go cutlery, or condiments used for in-house orders

Restaurant's statement: Certified-compostable plant fiber straws and biodegradable cutlery made with wood from annually-replanted forests are purchased in bulk and loose, not individually wrapped. If a customer needs just a spoon for soup, or just a fork for salad, they are given just that, not a 3-piece set of cutlery. Condiments (including brown mustard) are made in house and stored in mason jars. Condiments and sauces are served on the food and rarely to-go customer wants dressing or sauce on the side---which is provided in 2-oz size certified compostable plant fiber cup with lid.
2 points We have eliminated straws from guest use or instilled an "offer first" approach with straws

Restaurant's statement: Most customers drink out of glass without straw at the cafe. Certified compostable to-go cups are designed to be used with straws which also are compostable. We offer 50 cents discount for drinks served in glass to discourage juices to-go. Local customers are offered an option of paying jar deposit of 50 cents to take juice in a jar with them. When they bring back the jar for refill, they get 50 cents off.
5 points We compost our food waste

Restaurant's statement: Zero Waste is one and a half block from us. Chef owner has done worm composting on her front porch during summer.
3 points We practice "root-to-stem" or "nose-to-tail" cooking

Restaurant's statement: beet tops (leaves, stems) braised or lightly sauteed the same way collard greens and kale are cooked watermelon rinds are pickled along with cabbage and served on carrot hotdogs turnips greens along with bulbs in salads woody chewy stems of kale , onion peels, garlic peels, cores of bell peppers, carrot stem ends and root ends, core of cabbage, outer leafy parts of cauliflower and its harder harder stem in veg stock we do not peel our organic carrots and other edible outer layers of fruits and veggies pulps of beets, carrots used in veggie loaf celery leaves as herbs, root ends regrown in filtered water in repurposed condiment glass jars
1 point We post our daily specials or menu on a chalkboard/whiteboard as opposed to printing

Restaurant's statement: We do not print our menu. Staple menu items or posted on chalkboards. Small board is reserved for soup of the day and daily specials and changed accordingly. Specials are also announced on social media.
2 points We do not use plastic bags to bag take-out items or have instilled an "offer first" approach to bagging take-out items in plastic

Restaurant's statement: We re-use large brown paper bags from a local bakery for take-out orders. Very large catering orders are packed in used cardboard boxes that some of our supplies come in. A customer grabbing one lunch item and one beverage item, etc. doesn't get any bag unless they asks for it.
3 points We have eliminated the use of polystyrene foam or Styrofoam containers (boxes and cups) for take-out use

Restaurant's statement: We don't use polystyrene/ Styrofoam products. We use biodegradable plant pulp food containers and certified compostable pla fiber cups.
3 points We purchase paper products and/or containers made from recycled content

Restaurant's statement: Yes. Soup containers, paper napkins for to-go orders, folding containers and hot beverage cups are made of recycled paper. Folding containers and napkins are brown and unbleached.
2 points We purchase paper products and/or containers that are recyclable

Restaurant's statement: Brown paper bags, paper cups, soup containers are recycleable. Used napkins and paper towels go into compost pile.
3 points We purchase plastic products/containers made from recycled content

Restaurant's statement: We do not use plastic take-out containers. Containers used for storage of ingredients and prepared items are glass. Lids are recycled plastic.
2 points We purchase plastic products/containers that are recyclable

Restaurant's statement: We do not use plastic take-out containers.
2 points We do not serve water that is bottled in plastic

Restaurant's statement: We have reverse osmosis filter for drinking and cooking water.
2 points If we offer our guests paper self-serve napkins, we use a single output dispenser

Restaurant's statement: We use a little bit fancier wooden dispenser than standard restaurant type dispenser. Napkins are used during lunch time and for take-out orders. Rarely one customer will take more than one napkin. Washable cloth napkins are used for monthly brunch, dinners and other more formal events with all guests sitting at one long table.
2 points We use a paperless system to process guest orders

Restaurant's statement: smart phone. verbal communication among team members
2 points We use a paperless ordering and billing for vendors where it is available

Restaurant's statement: PayPal Here and Flint, smart phone card reading apps are used to send invoices via text or email. Wave Accounting comes with email invoicing. Clarion River Organics orders are placed and paid for online.
2 points We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products

Restaurant's statement: Dr Bronners, Seventh Generation, Dr Meyer's for washing hands, dishes, cleaning toilet, mopping flour, etc.
2 points We use linen napkins vs. paper

Restaurant's statement: Washable cloth napkins are used for monthly brunches, dinners and other more formal events with all guests sitting at one long table.
3 points We serve dine-in food and beverages with multi-use rather than disposable dishware (plates, cups, utensils, ramekins, etc.)

Restaurant's statement: We serve eat-in customers food and beverage with china plates, stoneware soup bowls, stainless steel flatware and glasses or Mason jars, etc.
1 point We pay utility bills electronically (when given the option)

Restaurant's statement: We pay utility bills electronically (when given the option). Electric, water, gas
1 point We encourage guests to bring in their own reusable bags, coffee mugs, or containers to package their unconsumed food

Restaurant's statement: Some of our regulars bring in Mason jars for juices. Pre-ordered personalized meal subscription clients are required to provide their own washable containers and lids for picking up on a schedule.
57 Points for Waste Reduction

Water Conservation

3 points We track the amount of water our restaurant uses and our progress on water conservation

Restaurant's statement: We examine the water bill each month. If the usage is inconsistent with the prior month, we contact the company to have the water system looked at. Currently our water consumption is minimal and we have no leaks in our new water lines. We had new plumbing put in with the renovation beginning in 2011. We plan to do some water capture as we progress with further renovation.
2 points We practice water-saving dishwashing techniques: hand scraping plates, pots, and pans before washing, presoaking pans/utensils, only running the dishwasher when it is full, and/or basin style washing

Restaurant's statement: We scrape food off pots, pans and dishes, and then pre-soak them in warm soapy water in the far left compartment of dish sink. Flatware is soaked right after use in a crock before washing. After scrubbing, dishes are washed in the middle compartment half way filled with warm water, and then rinsed under faucet with water running low.
3 points We have addressed water conservation through the efficiency of our toilets

Restaurant's statement: Yes, one toilet we purchased is a water conservation efficient low flow toilet. The other toilet we have on site was repurposed and existing from when this space was a grocery store.
1 point We thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator (not with running water)

Restaurant's statement: We keep a list of frozen items to be taken out of freezer and moved into fridge. We thaw items this way by planning a day ahead.
3 points We capture rainwater

Restaurant's statement: Owner chef lives a block away and water is capture in buckets on her porch through drain from the roof edge of her apartment. Watering plants. Rinsing trash and veggie scrap bins.
1 point We avoid hosing indoor and outdoor areas. Instead, we use dry cleaning methods followed by a damp mopping

Restaurant's statement: We do not have hoses of indoor or outdoor use. We mop indoor. To clean outside by front door only when needed a few times a year, we use deck brush and small bucket of water.
2 points We regularly check for and repair leaks in our water system

Restaurant's statement: Yes, through looking at the water bill and physical examination.
2 points We take necessary precautions to prevent wastewater contaminants produced during exterior cleaning/pressure washing or cleaning of floor mats, trash cans, or equipment from entering storm drains

Restaurant's statement: To clean outside by front door only when needed a few times a year, we use deck brush and small bucket of water. We use dust pan or snow shovel to scoop the wastewater and dump into mop sink. We do not have floor mats, large equipment that need to be cleaned with water. Trash cans are repurposed 5-gallon buckets and they get rinsed with collected rain water over the mop sink.
1 point We turn off all kitchen faucets when not in use

Restaurant's statement: Kitchen faucets get turned on when we wash produce or dishes. Otherwise, they are off.
18 Points for Water Conservation

Energy Efficiency

3 points We track the amount of energy our restaurant consumes and our progress on energy efficiency

Restaurant's statement: Our energy consumption is minimal. We track our energy and gas use by examining the electric and gas bills each month. Our energy consumption is MUCH LESS from when this was a grocery store!
2 points We use a programmable thermostat (continuously programmed to heat at 68 degrees and cool at 74 degrees during operating hours and 62 to heat/85 to cool during non-operating hours)

Restaurant's statement: We keep our thermostat at around 60 degrees and in the winter it is never warmer than 50 or 52 degrees inside the "heated" part of the building. Much of our building is not heated and at this time there is no air conditioning.
2 points We have addressed energy efficiency through our windows and doors

Restaurant's statement: The store front windows are double paned and there is a double door system at the front door to keep out the cold and keep the warm air in. Glass windows do not open. Doors are shut when heat is on during operating hours. Heat has not been turned on so far. In summer, we keep doors open for air circulation. We do not use air conditioner and turn on 2 non-commercial fans to keep work area and guest seating area tolerable. The building we are in is old three-story brick building and the ground level that's in use feels much cooler in summer and warmer in winter than outside.
4 points We have a policy that we only purchase Energy Star equipment or appliances when available

Restaurant's statement: Kitchen is equipped with mostly counter-top modern appliances (blender, juicer, food processor, induction stove top, rice cooker, crock pot, etc) that are energy-star certified and suitable for a largely raw cuisine, as opposed to heavy-duty commercial cooking appliances. The largest appliance we have is a commercial two-door fridge that bears energy-star seal.
4 points We have upgraded to energy efficient lighting (T8 or T5 flourescents, LED, CFL)

Restaurant's statement: Yes! We have T8 or T5 fluorescents in the front windows, 8 LED's in the front part of the store and 11CFL's in the middle area where events are held.
5 points We use LED bulbs in lighting or emergency exits

Restaurant's statement: Yes! We have T8 or T5 fluorescents in the front windows, 8 LED's in the front part of the store and 11CFL's in the middle area where events are held.
2 points We turn off non-emergency indoor lights during non-operating hours

Restaurant's statement: With exception of one flourescent light bulb that's left on for security reason, we turn off indoor lights during non-operating hours.
2 points We turn off lights in unused spaces or have installed sensors/timers to automatically turn them off

Restaurant's statement: We make a habit of working together in one area and turn on lights in other spaces (like restrooms, dish washing areas) only when we go into those spaces.
4 points We use renewable energy to supply all or a portion of our energy needs

Restaurant's statement: Yes, Green Mountain Energy is our energy supplier through Duquesne Light.
1 point We turn off all electronic equipment at the end of business or place them in energy saving mode

Restaurant's statement: Credit card processor and laptop get turned off. We do not have television or stereo system.
2 points We power down the kitchen equipment during slow, idle times

Restaurant's statement: Our appliances stay off when not in use.
2 points We have installed a barrier between the outside air and main entrance (air curtain, foyer, double doors, indoor curtain, revolving door)

Restaurant's statement: Double door.
1 point We use natural cooling in place of air conditioning, when acceptable

Restaurant's statement: There is no air-conditioner here. Fans are used on very hot days in summer.
2 points We have insulated all refrigeration cold suction lines

Restaurant's statement: Refrigerator comes with them.
3 points We use daylight sensors or adjust our indoor lighting based on natural sunlight available

Restaurant's statement: Double storefront with all-glass windows in the front help getting natural light in. There is sunlight enough to grow potted plants indoor that we keep all year round.
39 Points for Energy Efficiency

People - Community/Consumer Actions

2 points We partner with, fundraise, sponsor, promote or donate to a local community organization, community members, or cause

Restaurant's statement: We hold educational events on holistic healing and healthy lifestyle etc. on donation basis. Schwartz Market is part of Living Building Challenge. Owner chef of extraVEGANza volunteers for Free Ride, a bicycle co-op.
3 points We provide employment opportunities for residents of the local community

Restaurant's statement: Everyone who's worked here resides within waling or biking distance.
4 points We participate in cooking classes, farmer events, or provide educational opportunities for adults or children to promote responsible food choices, culinary skills, food sourcing, meal planning, health and wellness, or other educational purposes

Restaurant's statement: We vended at Bloomfield Saturday Market and Southside Farmers Market last summer. Free cooking demos and other educational classes were held at farmers market and libraries last year. There will be more of these educational activities in the spring.
2 points We donate used cookware, linens, equipment, electronics, furniture, curtains, etc. to charity

Restaurant's statement: Through FreeCycle and Construction Junction, what we no longer use goes to someone else.
3 points We prioritize buying food grown from immigrant farmers, farmers of color, women farmers, youth or emerging farmers

Restaurant's statement: We do often buy from a farmer who is originally from a Spanish-speaking country.
4 points We help to provide access to healthy, fresh food to people in underserved communities

Restaurant's statement: At farmers markets, we have some of our food packaged so that's it's not considered ready-to-consume and those with SNAP tokens can buy.
2 points We encourage guests to take alternative transportation to get to our restaurant (bike, bus, walk, carpool)

Restaurant's statement: We welcome bikes in the building. Chef owner rides a bike to get around and pick up groceries. One employee walks to and from home.
2 points There is a secure location to store bicycles at or near our restaurant

Restaurant's statement: Inside the building that houses the cafe/ juice bar.
1 point We have a bicycle air pump and flat tire repair kit on premises

Restaurant's statement: Yes, all these, spare bike parts, extra helmets and lights.
23 Points for People - Community/Consumer Actions

People - Employee Actions

2 points Our employees participate in volunteer activities

Restaurant's statement: PA Vegetarian Society, church, and food pantries
2 points We positively contribute to employee health and wellness through incentives or programs offered (i.e. gym membership discounts, yoga classes, sports league, etc.)

Restaurant's statement: We give donations of our food and juices to nearby yoga studios and they give us credits for our employees to take free yoga classes.
5 points We exceed the industry standard for FOH and BOH employee wages (over the current minimum wage rate) or have instituted an alternative pay system structure compared to traditional industry methods

Restaurant's statement: Some employees are paid up to $12/ hr depending on the demands of the job and their skill level. Employees are not just working for money, they are educated and trained and fed. The skills set they learn and eye-opening experience they gain will prepare them for entrepreneurial and academic pursuits. Adapting to healthier lifestyle will save them from diseases and medical bills.
1 point Our restaurant is owned by someone who lives within the local region

Restaurant's statement: Chef owner lives two blocks away.
3 points We offer our staff training to further enhance career development

Restaurant's statement: Most everyone started with little or no experience. Now they are capable and need no micro-management.
3 points We provide employees with at least 11 hours of non-working time between shifts

Restaurant's statement: Cafe closes at 8:30 pm. An employee that closes the night shift does not need to report to work until 11 in the morning.
3 points We provide employees working double shifts with a minimum break time of two hours

Restaurant's statement: Cafe is closed from 4 pm to 6 pm between lunch and dinner shifts.
3 points We provide our employees at least one day off for every five days worked consecutively

Restaurant's statement: Cafe is opened only five days a week. Everyone gets two consecutive days off a week.
3 points Our full-time salaried employees work an average no more than of 35-45 hours/week

Restaurant's statement: Chef owner, salaried employee, works 42 hours a week.
3 points For employees earning hourly wages, we guarantee a minimum amount of weekly working hours

Restaurant's statement: Full time hourly employee works a minimum of 38 hours a week on average.
3 points We offer our FOH and BOH employees vacation time

Restaurant's statement: Cafe is closed during the month of December and part of January. Employees get about 6 weeks of unpaid time off.
3 points We offer internal promotions

Restaurant's statement: Everyone skilled and have proven themselves are given more responsibilities.
3 points We cross-train employees across different floor and kitchen positions

Restaurant's statement: No one does one thing or one thing only. Everyone does everything they can be trained to do.
3 points We provide employees with the ability to move between front and back of house positions

Restaurant's statement: We are a small low-volume establishment. We do not have divisions like front or back of house. One person might take orders at some point, serve food, wash dishes and help chef with prep at other times.
3 points We give raises based on employee performance and responsibility

Restaurant's statement: Yes. One may start at $9/ hr but move up quickly to earn $12/ hr depending on how fast they master skills needed and how reliable.
1 point We provide discounts for our employees at our restaurant

Restaurant's statement: 50 percent off for employees. They eat free meals chef prepares on days they work.
2 points We work hard to ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment

Restaurant's statement: We are multi-ethnic work force with chef owner, an immigrant, workers of different ethnic backgrounds, age ranges, sexual orientations, genders, faiths.
46 Points for People - Employee Actions

Responsible Sourcing

3 points We use furniture that has been refurbished, remanufactured, is previously used or has been constructed from repurposed materials

Restaurant's statement: Marble top tables and wooden chairs from a bookstore that closed. Counter and shelving units from a convenience store that closed. Pretty much everything else comes from Construction Junction.
3 points When Energy Star or energy efficient equipment is not available or attainable, we make it a priority to purchase refurbished appliances or equipment

Restaurant's statement: Food processor, juicer, refurbished Blendtec blender are all countertop appliances that require little energy to operate. Induction burner heats the pan that food is cooked in efficiently.
2 points We serve certified organic, fair trade, and/or bird friendly coffee and/or tea

Restaurant's statement: Our teas are loose-leaf and not individually-packaged. All teas and coffee we serve are organic and fair-trade.
3 points We derive some items or ingredients locally (i.e. cheese, milk, coffee, tea, juice, baked goods, beer, wine, spirits, invasive species, raw baking materials)

Restaurant's statement: Buckwheat flour we use in baking our bread is sourced from Weatherbury , a local organic farm. Our breads and buns are baked in house. We do not serve alcohol or dairy products. Many vegetables and fruits for juicing and preparing vegan food items are sourced from Clarion River Organics and Who Cooks For You farms.
3 points We make purchases from a farmer coop, local food hub, or local food purveyor

Restaurant's statement: We source some ingredients from Clarion River Organics and Who Cook For You Farm. Dry goods and bulk food items like grains, seeds, nuts, oils, vinegar, spices are ordered wholesale through East End Food Coop.
3 points We rotate menu items based on seasonality

Restaurant's statement: Raw pizza in the summer would have fresh organic local tomatoes, cucumbers. In the fall, soups will feature winter squashes and potatoes.
4 points We purchase items at the local Farmer's Market

Restaurant's statement: Southside Farmers Market (summer) is 4 blocks away. Pittsburgh Public Market (year-round) is very close. Clarion River Organics sells at both markets.
2 points We recognize local farms and/or vendors whose products we source online, on our menu, or through our marketing

Restaurant's statement: We recognize local farms and vendors on our website.
4 points We participate in hyperlocal sourcing (restaurant gardens, apiary on-site, or sourcing products from within the local community/zip code)

Restaurant's statement: We grow bell peppers, basil, cayenne, banana peppers, scallions and celery by the glass window with lots of natural light in the guests seating area.
3 points We can, pickle, or preserve foods

Restaurant's statement: Fermented green tea. Preserved limes. Pickled watermelon rinds, radishes, cucumbers, peppers, garlic, beets and carrots.
3 points We make at least one of the following items in-house: salad dressings, condiments, sauces, jams, jellies, juices, soups, broths, stock, chutneys, syrups, salsas

Restaurant's statement: Raw apple cider maple vinaigrette, grainy brown mustard, raw sundried tomato basil marinara, cold-pressed raw juices, soups, veggie broth, salsas, chutneys, pesto, nut cheeses, breads, pizza crust, veggie patties, carrot hotdogs, etc.
3 points We make our own non-alcoholic beverages, beer, wine, or spirits (including mixers)

Restaurant's statement: Raw hot chocolate chai, fresh raw juices and smoothies.
2 points We have adopted a form of a "Meatless Mondays" approach to dining (choose one day/wk to serve meatless specials)

Restaurant's statement: We are entirely meatless and dairy free.
8 points When in season, we source 46-100% of produce locally (From within a 150 mile radius)

Restaurant's statement: 60%
For RS-24 – RS-27, select the “yes” that represents your % of regionally sourced produce:
1 point When in season, we source 1-15% of produce regionally (From within a 400 mile radius)

Restaurant's statement: 10%
8 points We source 46-100% of meats locally (from within a 150 mile radius) OR we do not source meats

Restaurant's statement: We do not serve meat.
7 points We source 76-100% of meats regionally (from within a 400 mile radius) OR you do not source meats

Restaurant's statement: We do not serve meat.
8 points 46-100% of products we use carry organic certification or are naturally grown

Restaurant's statement: 65%
70 Points for Responsible Sourcing


2 points Our restaurant provides half portions of select menu items or small plates (tapas)

Restaurant's statement: cup of soup with half sandwich, soup with a side salad, 10" lunch pizza for 2 people to share
2 points Our restaurant provides vegetarian/vegan fare

Restaurant's statement: We are entirely vegan.
2 points Our restaurant provides menu items or side dishes marketed as healthier, lower calorie options than our traditional menu choices

Restaurant's statement: We serve entire plant-based, whole foods made from scratch with unprocessed ingredients and flavored with natural mineral salt, spices, healthier, natural nut or seed oils, no refined sugar or processed grain flours.
2 points Our restaurant provides entrée items served with fruits and/or vegetables

Restaurant's statement: Fruits and vegetables dominate our menu items like (eg. raw lasagna with thinly sliced zucchini layered with sundried tomato marinara, fresh basil; Latin pizza with pineapples, avocado, tomatoes, tomatillo salsa, red onion, jalapenos, cilantro, pea shoots)
2 points Our restaurant provides allergen-free options

Restaurant's statement: We are gluten free and dairy free. No fish, no eggs, no shell fish. With the exception of one item on current menu, everything is soy free.
2 points Our restaurant provides low-sodium options

Restaurant's statement: Veggie sandwich with house-baked bread, roasted eggplants and peppers, avocado lemon spread, red onion, tomato and kale
3 points Our restaurant provides organic, non-GMO ingredients in beverages or raw baking materials used for food

Restaurant's statement: Fresh cold-pressed raw juices and smoothies: Green Goodness with kale, celery, apples, lemon, ginger, baby greens. Corn and buckwheat flours are organic and sourced from Weatherbury Farm
2 points Our restaurant provides ancient grains (barley, farro, quinoa, polenta, amaranth, spelt, kamut, chia, sorghum, freekeh, teff, millet)

Restaurant's statement: sorghum noodles, quinoa tabouli, millet pilaf, coconut chia pudding
2 points Our restaurant provides low calorie salad dressings

Restaurant's statement: house mustard herb apple cider vinaigrette
3 points Our restaurant provides whole grain ingredients are used in children's meals

Restaurant's statement: Entire menu is whole foods. We only use unprocessed whole grains: brown rice, millet, quinoa, etc.
3 points Our restaurant provides fruits or vegetables are offered with children's meals

Restaurant's statement: Lots of fruits and veggies as juice or smoothies. Hotdogs made of carrots.
3 points Our restaurant provides alternatives to soft drinks for children's meals

Restaurant's statement: We do not serve soft drinks; we serve 100-percent whole juices
3 points Our restaurant provides lean proteins are used in children's meals

Restaurant's statement: We do not serve animal protein. Our proteins are legumes, grains and high-protein veggies.
3 points Our restaurant provides low-fat, low-calorie, low-sugar, or low-sodium options for children's meals

Restaurant's statement: We provide low-fat, low-calorie, low-sugar and low-sodium options for both adults and children
2 points We use healthful, plant based oils for cooking and baking (containing predominantly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats - no trans-fat/partially-hydrogenated oils)

Restaurant's statement: avocado oil and grapeseed oil for cooking, unrefined coconut oil for raw dishes and baking, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil for raw dishes
3 points We have satisfied the requirements associated with earning Live Well Allegheny restaurant status. (Note: If your restaurant is located in Allegheny County, completing these requirements will earn you status as a LWA Restaurant in addition to your SPR designation. If your restaurant is located outside of Allegheny County, you will receive points toward your SPR designation by meeting LWA Restaurant requirements.)

Restaurant's statement: We offer vegan menu with low-sodium, low-calorie options. healthy kid meals, lots of fruits and veggies dominate ingredient list, We do not serve dairy products; oils are plant-based healthier no-trans fat, we have indoor bike storage area.
39 Points for Nutrition